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Adopting a DBT Worldview to Enhance Self-Care

In this training participants will learn how adopting a Dialectical Behavior Therapy worldview can enhance self-care, prevent burnout, reduce symptoms of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma, and reignite passion for your career.

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Providing training, consultation, and resources for DBT therapists.

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Learner Objectives

  1. Identification of Risks: Participants will be identifying the possible risks to helping professionals, as well as identifying symptoms and contributing factors to those risks.

  2. Self-Care: Participants will be able to define self-care, identify common self-care practices and the connection of DBT skills to self-care practice.

  3. DBT Worldview to Enhance Self-Care: Participants will learn how DBT worldview can enhance their current self-care practice. They will learn how to apply these practices to the four levels of self-care: individual, team, organization, and society.

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