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Wise Mind Academy provides one time and ongoing consultation for therapists

working with adults. 

Even well trained and seasoned therapists

at times are faced with challenging clinical situations. At those times,

a fresh perspective provided by another experienced therapist can be helpful.


Consultation can increase therapist motivation, increase clinical satisfaction and

protect against burnout.

General Consultation

Consultation is a process that occurs between two or more mental health professionals, where one is seeking the other’s help, insight, or assistance regarding a particular matter or problem. 


DBT Consultation Team

The primary function of a DBT consultation team is to increase the therapists’ motivation and skill set in utilizing DBT as an intervention with clients. Therefore, we come together as a team to improve the work we do and encourage and assist other therapists in theirs. As a group, we meet in a mindful, compassionate, and dialectical manner; prepared to give and receive feedback. In this setting, we are all equals and are all striving for authenticity, empowerment, and support for one another.


Individual DBT Consultation

Individual consultation is an opportunity to meet with a peer one-on-one to discuss cases (without disclosing PHI), share experiences, and improve implementation of DBT theory and skills. In a setting of equals, you can explore how this work impacts you, how to maintain your motivation and how to utilize DBT with your clients.


Therapist Support Group

Safe group where therapist can get together and share support. 

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Consult Group 6 CEUs ID  (Instagram Post).png
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Radical acceptance rests on letting go of the illusion of control and a willingness to notice and accept things as they are right now, without judging.

Marsha Linehan

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